Simon CowellMusic mogul Simon Cowell has defended his decision to employ a psychic to "heal" his Los Angeles mansion, insisting the spiritual guru did a "great job".

The X Factor tycoon stunned fans when he called in a healer to purify his luxury home in California and drive out any negative energy.

But he's taken to microblogging website to defend his bizarre decision, telling followers, "I have to say the house healer did a great job. I did it because if you believe something can make you feel happier then try it.

"I wasn't trying to get rid of bad things but I believe your home should be peaceful. And two people came round today and said the house felt different. So you never know."



Psychic medium, TONY STOCKWELL -- one of the UK’s best known and respected psychic mediums -- returns to tour New Zealand during November and December with his compelling AN EVENING OF CLAIRVOYANCE series, bringing messages of comfort to those who need to hear or understand that a friend, loved one or someone they cared about still exist in the spirit world.

Born in the East End of London, Tony’s natural wit and Cockney charisma make for a very entertaining show. More importantly, he uses his extraordinary paranormal abilities to communicate amazingly accurate messages, often involving clinical information about specific times, places and events that could not have been public knowledge, to random members of the audience. Others become deeply involved in an emotional process that would force even the most hardened sceptics to rethink their views on the afterlife. Astounding, captivating, fascinating, and sometimes funny are all words to describe one of the most powerful shows you may ever see.

"If you can bless one person’s life to absolutely believe beyond doubt that their loved one is actually going to be there waiting for them and it gives them comfort then that’s worth doing" - Tony Stockwell.


He is a world class medium who has done readings for everyone from Chelsea Handler to connecting with the spirit of Heath Ledger. Over the last 30 years, James Van Praagh has created millions of believers out of non-believers. He has authored countless New York Times bestsellers and become the Executive Producer of the hit show, Ghost Whisperer, now in syndication.

I had the opportunity to speak with Van Praagh at length about his message, his answer to common questions people have about spirits and what he says to the naysayers and skeptics.

A lot of people are curious about mediumship but they’re a little bit afraid of it. Is mediumship something to be afraid of, and does it come from the devil?James Van Praagh

Van Praagh: I love that. People in my audience will ask, “Is there anything evil about this?” And I’ll say, “No, not at all.” First for all, let me say, everybody is born with a sixth sense, which is intuition. Intuition means into the soul; it’s the language of the soul. Babies have to have it in order to survive. A medium is not only psychic, they’re also able to attune their vibration, or energy if you will, to a higher level of consciousness, another level of awareness. So if you think of it like radio stations, and all around us are frequencies and waves of energy, microwaves, radio waves, television waves…there’s a certain frequency or wave that mediums can attune themselves to which is a higher frequency, and that’s really the spiritual dimensions. That’s what I can do as a medium, tuning into those higher dimensions, I’m able to tune into that and receive impressions - whether it’s feelings of things, visions of things, words of things, memories if you will. We are, first and foremost, spiritual beings having a physical experience, not the other way around. We’re souls walking on the earth. It’s our natural heritage of who we are.

Mediumship is not evil or of the devil. That’s man-made belief system with religious limitations. The Catholic Church were extremely aware of all the esoteric knowledge in the Middle Ages, and actually the Vatican’s library is filled with all esoteric, paranormal and metaphysical books and doctrines ever created. To understand these works, one would realize that they teach that each one of us has the power of God within them and they don’t need a church for that power. This information had to be kept out of the common man’s hands because the church did not want to give away their political and monetary power.

They had all of the secrets of the elements and they knew everything about energy and farious forms of mediumship, but how could you control the masses if they revealed all of these secrets? You control the masses by controlling how they think and instilling fear into people. Anything that gives people freedom – which is insight into these Universal truthsthings, mediumship, psychics – would be something they wouldn't need the church for. Why would they, if they can do it on their own? And if they can tune into God on their own, what the heck are we going to use the organized church for? That’s where is stems from. It’s quite the opposite.

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Dr. Carol Francis Radio Talk Show

Psychics, Shamans, Mediums, Inventors, Authors, Alternative Health Care Practitioners such as Acupressurists, Reiki Masters, and Hypnotherapists help us think outside our limiting boxes and Dr. Carol Francis introduces 10 intriguing practitioners from the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Pasadena, CA

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

Psychologist, Dr. Carol Francis ( seizes the opportunity to interview 10 practitioners, authors and inventors who think outside the traditional boxes of standard health care, spiritual perspectives and self-help processes on Dr. Carol Francis Radio Talk Show at

This program is produced at The Body Mind Spirit Expo. These practitioners of spiritual arts, alternative health practices, inventors, and life coaches have a plate form where they offer their skills to the public at the BMSEXPO. For those who think outside the box of traditional medicine or traditional faiths, these 10 practitioners, interviewed during this radio show, provide interventions which many may find helpful from psychic readings, mediumship, shamanism, reiki healing touch, sinus accupressure devices, crystals, life coaching, hypnosis, and tarot cards.

Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis can be reached for dialogue, or assistance at 310-543-1824.

Interviewees include: "Sebastian" a Psychic and Spiritual Healer 916-595-4924; LAI a Psychic and Medium for Pets and Humans 832-646-3297; Keiko Hoshino from Happy Science USA- 626-395-7775; Sue Sorensen inventor of sinus-free pillow-818-840-9009; Life Coach Laura Cazares-626-652-2557; Artist, Author and Clairvoyant Marilyn St Pierre-808-294-6797; Larry and Diane Whelan from Urantia Book Fellowship-626-287-7775; Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Dr. Terry Burssel-1-800-GOAL-NOW; Reiki Master and Gem Intuitive Nancy Gonzalez-909-938-7578; Modern Shaman Matt Toussaint-mattoussaint(at)

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mediumPsychic medium Theresa Caputo of the TLC television show, "Long Island Medium" will appear at Heinz Hall, Downtown Oct. 27. The appearance at Heinz Hall will find her doing interactive readings with some audience members - "purchasing a ticket does not guarantee a reading," the PSO stated in a release - and sharing personal stories about herself.

Tickets for the 8 p.m. show are $43-$63 and go on sale at 10 a.m. Sept. 14, 412-392-4900 or A limited number of $128.25 VIP tickets, which include a postshow meet-and-greet, will be available. .

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(CNN) -- With an acting career that spans three decades, Ralph Macchio is right at home in front of the camera.

But with the new National Geographic reality show "American Gypsies" premiering at 9 ET Tuesday night, the 50-year-old actor is going behind the lens as an executive producer.

Ralph MacchioWith "American Gypsies," Macchio is training the spotlight on the New York-based Johns family, a Romany clan that's balancing holding on to its traditions while pursuing the American Dream, he said.

"American Gypsies" was a bit like chasing a dream for Macchio, who said that the show's development took nearly five years as he bounced the concept around various networks.

"You want to surrender and give up so many times, but it adds validity to the fact that if you never give up you have the chance of finally making it," he said.

Macchio spoke with CNN about the new show, what he's learned as an executive producer and why he isn't a big fan of reality TV.

CNN: What was the impetus to develop a show around this family?

Ralph Macchio: (The son of) a friend of mine and his film student partner, they were making a documentary on the Johns family. I saw some footage, and I was just immediately fascinated by this subculture that exists right in my city, right in New York. The characters and personalities were just popping off the screen, and I said this story needs to be told; this family could make entertaining television.

I brought it to Stick Figure Productions, who I was involved with developing something for MTV at the time, and it felt like the right match. From there, we shaped a trailer and started pitching to a bunch of networks. ... At the end of the day, after years of time, National Geographic stepped up and said, "We'll give you nine or 10 episodes on the air."

CNN: What can viewers expect to see?

Macchio: Over the first season they'll see the growth within the family as far as finding the balance between (having) one foot in the American Dream side and the other rooted in the Gypsy age-old traditions. ... There'll be no shortage of the Gypsy court hearings and the conflicts and the psychic shop dilemmas. There's a lot of stuff going on, but the human elements are what I'm hoping will make this a long run rather than a flash-in-the-pan idea.

CNN: What were the hurdles you were coming across when you were working to get this show to production?

Macchio: It's an unorthodox, for lack of a better description, lifestyle. I use the word subculture because it is that. I think once you pitch it up a ladder of the network, and it gets to the corporate end, there's some who might frown upon taking a peek inside this world where there are arranged marriages, the kids are homeschooled, some of them don't know how to read -- which is an element of our first episode.

This is one family that I just think is fascinating, and the characters are intriguing. Family comes first for them, and that's relatable to me.

CNN: Did you know anything about this culture before you watched that footage?

Macchio: No, and that's what was fascinating. A lot of the footage was about a wedding and also the whole psychic world. You're either a skeptic or a believer, and I fall way on the skeptic side, big time. But they claim they have a gift. It is an odd business, and not one that I would wholeheartedly invest in and embrace, but it's a belief. To me, it's just peeling back the curtain a little bit on this one unique family and what their culture is, whether you agree with it or not.

The stereotypes (about this culture) are so negative. So I think the Johnses want to be recognized as a minority group and not those stereotypes.

CNN: Why'd you use Gypsy in the title, and how (did) the Johns family feel about it?

Macchio: Why isn't it called American Romany? That's a marketing thing. ... People understand that more than they understand Romany.

I think the Johnses understand. Throughout the show, they speak of that and sort of educate about the misnomers of the "Gypsy" slang, but they get that's going to bring people to the table.

CNN: Did you have any concerns about misrepresenting this group? Representing an ethnic group in a reality show can get dicey.

Macchio: I agree with you. I have members of my family and friends who are from the old school who would never watch "The Sopranos" or "Jersey Shore." Now, "Jersey Shore" is a show that was cast; they went out and looked for those characters. But the Johns family is the Johns family; we did not cast them. This is not indicative of all Gypsy families nor do I endorse some of their choices.

The traditions, the elder Gypsy court, the psychic businesses -- that's not made up, that's part of the culture. But how they react, their personalities, how they deal with conflict -- that's the Johns family, not necessarily every family.

CNN: This is your first time as an executive producer for a reality program -- what were the biggest lessons you learned?

Macchio: (Laughs) I'm still learning them. But the lesson I'm learning, once you get into TV, because the goal is to make sure they don't reach for the remote in a minute and a half, stuff is cut for drama and sometimes it's cut for train wreck, which is my least favorite form of entertainment.

It's trying to stay true to story and character and integrity and still getting your audience to come to the table and having to deal with the buyers at the networks who control the end result of what comes on the air. That you struggle with in any form of it -- there's that old corny phrase, it ain't show art, it's show business.

Hopefully, at the end of the day the human elements of the Johns family is what makes the show last. The bells and whistles are short-lived I think. Having both makes it exciting and entertaining.

CNN: Did you watch any reality TV to prep for this?

Macchio: I am not a reality TV fan for the most part. I'm an actor who wants more opportunities to act, so reality programming drains the marketplace for opportunities. But it's like great news programming -- real is more fascinating than fiction if you can invest and connect with the characters and the stories, so I see the worth in it. I did relent to do "Dancing With the Stars" after passing on it twice, and it turned out to be a fantastic thing for me. I don't run to it, but I get the appeal for sure.

I just came off from the acting side. I just finished a film called "Hitchcock" with Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren and Scarlett Johansson. I'm really excited about that.

CNN: Tell me more about that.

Macchio: I play the screenwriter of "Psycho" -- the film is about Hitchcock's mindset during the making of that film and what was going on in his life. It's very smart, humorous and heartfelt.

I'm also recurring as Fran Drescher's latest love interest on "Happily Divorced." I go back in October to shoot some more. We'll see how long that goes before they find out this isn't the right guy for her because you know what happens with couples on a sitcom. So I've been busy.




In a perfectly timed interview with Out magazine, Tori Spelling said she contacted the late Farrah Fawcett through John Edward, whom she calls a “world-renowned psychic."

As she told Out, “If it had been some psychic that I'd walked in off the street for five bucks it would have been different.”

But since it came through John Edward, "it was pretty surreal," Spelling added.

“He offered to do a reading with me and I was hoping I would talk to my dad. I'd lost a best friend a long time ago and I was hoping he would come through,” Spelling explained, when all of a sudden, Edward said that Fawcett’s spirit was coming through. “She basically wanted me to give a message to [Fawcett's son] Redmond and to her family and she was doing these very specific call outs for things that they would understand,” the actress said.

The rest of the tale is chronicled in her book, “Uncharted TerriTORI,” but Spelling said that since she contacted Fawcett through Edward, she’s written Fawcett's partner Ryan O’Neal a letter of explanation.

“I said, if none of this makes sense, please don't think I'm crazy, this literally happened,” she recounted for Out. “I'm just passing on information but it was pretty bizarre at the time.”


serial killer victims found by psychihcA psychic eerily predicted where the victim of a suspected serial killer could be found -- nine months before cops dug up the corpse and that of three other young women on a Long Island beach, police sources said.

In April, the clairvoyant, hired by the desperate family of Melissa Barthelemy, 24, of Buffalo, chillingly saw "her body buried in a shallow grave overlooking a body of water," the police source said. The psychic also said "there was a 'G' in a sign nearby."

Last month, cops unearthed the skeletons of the victims, missing call girls, each wrapped in burlap bags on Long Island's Gilgo Beach.

The bereaved family notified police soon after they were given the prediction by the seer, but nothing came of it.

Barthelemy, who had moved to The Bronx, vanished on July 12, 2009.

The NYPD confirmed that her mother and daughter received three calls from her phone, possibly from the serial killer himself, and all were traced to Midtown Manhattan.

Skeptics say that there are plenty of places in New York that are overlooking water - true.  They also say that there probably a lot of signs in New York with the letter "G"  Maybe so, but I don't smell a rat here.  The psychic didn't reveal his/her name so probably did not want the notoriety.

This may even be how the girls were found.  If you lived in the area and someone said "shallow grave overlooking  water with the sign nearby has the letter G (twice), wouldn't you start by identifying any beaches or parks on the water that begin with the letter G? I think these are great clues that were give to the police and not taken seriously.

Body of water + some importance with the letter G on a nearby sign = Giglo Beach.

* If anyone knows the psychic in this story, please have him/her contact me through this site.

Another story which gives more info about the bodies found on Gilgo Beach - Longs Island.


Vera Kochovska

Bulgarian psychic phenomenon and healer, Vera Kochovska, has passed away Saturday, the private TV channel bTV reported.

Kochovska was listed in the hospital in the beginning of December with a pulmonary infection and had been in critical condition since then, her relatives say.

Vera Kochovska was born on July 27, 1945, in the western city of Pernik. She was a resident of the northern city of Pleven. In 2006, the healer was bestowed with the Presidential Office Honorary Order while musician Teodosiy Spasov dedicated to her his album Faith.

The funeral services are scheduled for February 15.

vera-healerHow Her Abilities Were Awoken

She lay in state of coma for two months in the Pernik hospital after a heavy road accident, she spent a year in a plaster cradle. This is the time she acquires her extra-sensory abilities.  She was the countries most famous clairvoyant and healer.

When Prof. Bryuhovetski discovers Vera's "third eye", he exclaims: "There's no such wonder all around the World, this is unique, a phenomenon", he wrote in his biography book about Kochovska called "Vera - Mission Phenomenon".

Thank you for your service, blessed be.  Paolo


Rosicrucian heidelberg castle

I was just looking at some old photos I took while I lived in the Heidelberg, Germany. It's such a wonderful place to visit, especially if you are into spiritual matters. If you ever go, you must visit the ruins of the Heidelberg, Castle.  It was spared from most of the damage of the allied bombings in WWII.  Most of it's damage came from the constant bickering back and forth with France.

The important things about it?  It is the only castle ever mentioned by the Rosicrucian Brotherhood.  They may have well been the beginning of the new age movement today.  It was from their teaching winch gave birth to the Golden Dawn winch spawned many offsets including Wicca as given by Michael Gardner.  Gardner nd one of the most well know Golden Dawn practitioners being Aliester Crowley.

Not only is the castle largely intact, there is an incredible Apothecary in the basement which  includes many of the very tools that were used there by the Rosicrucian in some of their healing techniques.

Below is a short video pf the Apothecary.  Well worth the visit.  Germany was and still is a very magical place.