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The Psychic and the Medium


The Psychic and the Medium

By LivePerson Expert Psychic Medium Michelle

“All mediums are psychic. Not all psychics are mediums.” As a psychic and a medium, Michelle has the wonderful ability to connect with spirit world and passed over loved ones, but she also brings valuable guidance and answers about love, career, finances and whatever issues may be presenting in your life.

Psychic or medium reading… what is the difference?
In a psychic reading Michelle works directly with her spirit guides and yours as well as her own Higher Knowing to receive information. You will receive guidance and advice regarding your past, present and future. Michelle will answer any questions you may have pertaining to health, career, finances, love and relationships as well as anything else you wish to discuss. There is significant energy shift following a reading and it takes time to process this shift. Please take time for yourself and allow for the absorbing of the information in the way that works best for you.

In a medium reading Michelle will connect directly with the spirit world and your loved ones who have passed over. She will bring any messages they have to you. In this reading, Michelle helps you find answers you seek about the Other Side and your departed loved ones. These readings are a wonderful opportunity to understand and learn about the healing power of contact with the Hereafter. Through information received from spirit, you can also receive psychic information about your past, present and future as well as love, career and financial well-being. In a medium reading, information is presented by spirit.

Come with an open mind to any reading.
It is important to realize the value of an open mind during any kind of reading. While we have certain desires and expectations about receiving particular information in a psychic reading or connecting with a particular loved one in a medium reading, we do not always get exactly what we desire. Rather, we get what is right for us to know.

In a medium reading, why does a spirit come?
Spirits come to us for many reasons. It may be simply to say hello, to guide us in our earthly issues and events or to assist in healing and closure of our grieving. Michelle finds that often a spirit has come to offer an apology. In addition to choosing when, where, and with whom they will send messages through, the spirit chooses why they come. It is our task, to listen with an open mind and hear their messages.

How can I prepare for a medium or psychic reading?
1.       Sit quietly for a few moments, then tell the spirit you wish to contact that you intend communication. They already know, but tell them anyway.
2.       Recall and think about past memories, smells, traits, events or places you traveled with your loved one.
3.       Set the intention for a joyful, expectation-free session.
4.       Be certain and confident that your loved one has heard you.
5.       Please be sure you are in a quiet place for the reading where you will be uninterrupted.

What is an Evidential Medium?
Michelle is an “evidential” medium. This means, she will provide facts about your loved one that she could not possibly have known, such as how they passed, particular events, names, dates and special activities. You will know it is your loved one she is connecting with based upon the factual evidence presented.

How are spiritual messages received?
Michelle receives information in the form of visual images and symbols. She is also clairsentient, which means she is able to receive and “feel” messages in her body from spirit. In this way, she can determine how your loved one passed over. Michelle may also receive messages through clairaudience which means she will actually “hear” spirit communicate words, phrases, sentences and even song. It is not uncommon for spirits to come through two at a time, yet one communicates for the other.

How can I connect with my loved ones or my spirit guides?
The easiest way to connect with your loved one or your own spirit guides is through your dreams. Dreams bring powerful spiritual messages. Before you go to bed, tell your loved one you desire to visit with them. This is all you need to do. When you least expect it, they will come to you. You will know because your dream of them is especially vivid and there is no mistaking your loved one has indeed come.

Psychic or Medium, what's right for me? Mediums are best to contact if you are grieving the loss of a loved one and wish to make contact or have some kind of poof that they are fine and that there really is an after life. Generally that is what they do, they connect with the deceased.

Psychic mediums or channels have the ability to communicate with the spirit side of life. They can communicate with the deceased, as well as with other entities such as guides or angels or even your higher self. It seems to me that most people who call them self a channeler are communicating with specific higher guides, angels, or other beings of the Light. . They generally contact the deceased loved ones and guides of the sitter. People who use the term "psychic medium" do so in order to let you know that they also have clairvoyant vision or some other psychic skill in addition to the ability to communicate with spirit.

If you are looking for future predictions (should I marry, will I get the job, advice about love, business, money etc ), you should contact a psychic reader. They are much better to contact if you are looking for predictions. I say this because generally a medium will be relaying information they are receiving from their guides or the deceased. Some guides will not give you answers to what they consider trivial questions. Some will only give information that will help you spiritually. Guides are like people, and have different interests and specialties. Ask your medium about the guides they work with. Guides are high spiritual beings of Light, don't insult them with questions about lottery numbers or football scores!

Who am I to judge a psychic's, medium's, or healer's abilities?

I grew up with a psychic mother and had a great grandmother who was an amazing hands on healer. I have had my share of experiences with ghosts, mediums, healers , and psychics. My mother had dream visions which came true, and she was a natural medium. She was able to see physically manifested spirits. You might call her an inadvertent ghost hunter. They seem to be attracted to her energy.

My Paranormal Life


Great grandma heals me after 3 doctors could not

I became interested in mediums, psychics and ghosts when I was very young.    I first experienced an amazing "hands on" healing when I was about 12 years old by my great grandmother. What happened that day has forced me to look at the world a little differently. It has made me look a little closer at things and changed the way I have come to issue with religion and modern science. I became interested in esoteric and occult subjects.

These are a few experiences I have had in my life which made me first start questioning and learning about psychics, mediums and other occult subjects.   We all (in my family) saw and felt these things.  Why am I the one who was always so fascinated with the subject matter?

Since I was very young, I had warts all over both feet and hands.  It was terrible. My feet hurt to put on shoes, because the warts on my heel had grown so large that my left heel stuck out an additional 1/2 inch than normal. It was more like a mound of warts.  I always hid my hands so no one could see the warts on my thumbs and fingers. Other children teased me, I was ashamed and embarrassed to be seen.  I remember not wanting to attend swimming classes because of the embarrassment.

I had been to three doctors about the problem, and none of them was able to help.  I had them burned off twice with CO2 until my feet were purple and oozing puss.  They would  hurt like hell, fall off eventually, then just grow right back in a matter of weeks.  After years of this, I finally gave in and figured I had to live with it.  Then I met my great grandmother on my mother's side.

The first time I remember meeting my great grandmother "Crownover" was when I was about 12 years old in Pennsylvania. My mother's family is from Pennsylvania, and we used to visit once a year to visit my grandparents there.  I also had an uncle who was just a couple years older than me.  This one particular time was the first time I had met my great grandmother.  My mom and grandma told me that she could get rid of the warts.  When I asked how, they told me that she said some magic words under her breath and rubbed the warts with a potato and they would go away. Of course I didn't believe it.  I had been to plastic surgeons who couldn't  get rid of them, all they did was hurt me more.  My uncle told me that she got stacks of letters from people thanking her for their healings. It was not just warts that she could remove.  My mom later told me that she was an orphan from a young age, and was raised by her uncle, then by other family members throughout her younger years. Her father brought her over with her from Germany then died young.

What I remember is that she had a huge kitchen with lots of shelves and drawers with vegetables and herbs.  She seemed to have it together too, she raised 10 kids back in a time when if you had to pee at night, it was in a pot!  She put two chairs facing each other in the middle of the kitchen and had me sit facing her.  She had a half a potato In one hand and laid the other under my left foot and started rocking back and forth and chanting something under her breath.  She rubbed my feet and hands all over and kept speaking some words under her breath.  When I asked later what the magic words were, I was told that she couldn't tell, but that she would pass them on to another family member, a male this time.  It was always passed from male to female in the family I was told.

So after about 15 minutes of rubbing and chanting, she told me to take the potato outside by this big tree that was sitting in her yard. She said to throw it over my shoulder and not look back at it.  I remember that when I was standing there, I realized that she had missed one of my warts. I figured this wasn''t going to work anyway, so I never said anything. I threw the potato over my shoulder by the tree and then went back to looking for snakes under rocks with my uncle Ken.

I don't think it was any more than 3 or 4 days later that I realized my warts were shrinking. We were back home in Massachusetts.  I got excited and went and showed my mom. She agreed and just said "I'll be damned!"  Was it true? 2 days later they were all completely gone, including the one that she had not even touched with her potato. I think I drove my mother nuts with more questions about great grandma.  Where did she learn this?  What was it? Why didn't doctors or Jesus help me? How does it work?  Do you think she'll teach me the words?  Who will she pick? I would love to get my hands on a journal or diary of hers.  What an amazing woman she must have been.  She was all smiles too from what I can remember.

This was my first experience with the unexplained. Not only had she healed me of the warts, but she took away quite a bit of emotional pain as well. I loved her. After she died I remember I even had a picture of her in my room, and for a while when I said prayers every night, I would always thank her for taking the warts and pain away.

Growing up with a psychic mother

At about the same time that my great grandmother healed me of the warts, I had my first glimpse of my mother's psychic abilities.  My sister and I were 12 or 13 and were downstairs in the kitchen getting ready for school. Our mom was upstairs sleeping still.  We let the dog, Suzie - Lhasa Apso,  outside to pee, and were eating our cereal.  About 10 minutes later, my mother came running downstairs screaming "where is Suzie?  She got hit by a car!"  She was frantic about it and kept saying she heard the car screeching and hit her.   We told her she was outside peeing like always.

As I went over to the kitchen door to call her inside, we all heard the car screeching, and the thud and yelp of a dog.  I remember my father going outside with a towel to bring her in the house.  I remember her lying on the floor in front of us all gasping and bleeding from her mouth.  I remember my father was on the phone with the vet telling him that her head was bobbing back and forth, then I remember her tongue came out of her mouth she stopped jerking and we all screamed and cried.

This was my first experience with death, and it hit me hard.  I loved that dog and I was devastated for weeks afterwards.  This was the second thing that happened to me which made me question everything.  I realized after I calmed down that this whole thing could have been prevented. If my mother had come down just a second or two sooner, I could have gotten the dog away from the danger.  My grief turned to anger at her for not warning us sooner.  I became very interested in ESP, and mediums at this time.  Any information I could find in book stores I would read.  I think "Seth Speaks" and the "Exorcist" were about the only thing on the bookshelves at that time of any interest. It was very hard to get any information at all. I also kept questioning my mom about my great grandma.